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How to Choose Vinyl Color and Films - A Comprehensive Short Guide

Posted on Monday, 05 June 2017 By Signs NY

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Vinyl plays a pivotal role in marketing and in the corporate advertisement. So it’s really vital to reach out the audience in right way to exhibit graphics with the right color.  Picking a right color for Vinyl is the stunning way for marketing activities and to boost the publicity in right direction.

For this, vinyl that is meant to be displayed will definitely require selecting a color. Vinyl offers different color spectrum for different purposes. As this vinyl colored films are a great way to bring in some color and brighten up your application where you want to apply this vinyl. Different promotional activities require different vinyl films to be used there for the maximum trigger in the application.

Why choosing right vinyl, color is necessary to follow?

In the field of graphics film series here is a bundle of colors is available for the vinyl usage but all aren’t meant to be used for all type of vinyl application. The choice and usage of vinyl film color vary for each application. For instance, truck wrap advertisement vinyl film should be such as strong and vibrant as it captures the gaze of traffic, and strong colored vinyl is trendy in vehicle wrap. On the other hand for indoor market, the light vinyl film color choice would be preferred instead of sharper ones. As it looks decent enough so it won't look extravagant for its viewers and as well as generate a light impact on the minds of people.

How to choose graphics vinyl film?

 Massive promotional tactics are played by the vinyl graphics NYC and almost major marketing advertisement relies on the vinyl application. Its really hard choice to select vinyl graphics for the desired application type, as each vinyl solution offers different outcomes and different approaches. Here will comprehensively discuss vinyl product solution for each type of application type according to its application need with recommendations 0f experts. Determining the right vinyl and color solution is as easy as following these simple steps


Promotional Decal and pop up displays

As this is promotional signage it should retain high gloss finish with resistance for external pressure vinyl should have durability with much longer life span. For this type of indoor signage, the preferred product will be Promotional (PROMO) 500 Calendered Opaque Films. As this film possess all these mention qualities for this signage usage.

Windows - Vehicles - Decorative Walls murals

The vehicle decorative films should have Fluorescent, silver or gold special effects.on the top of that these paint mask and flat surfaces of window and vehicle films has short term usage for this  Films (SF) 100 would be preferred over other film options.

Outdoor Reflective Signage - Vehicle Reflective Graphics

As you can guess from its name reflective graphics it must have glossy finish features in it to support its reflectivity. For this purpose to entice reflectivity High Visibility (HV) 1200 or  1100 Reflective Films would be preferred in given option of films. 

Sign-Making / Lettering - Vehicles - Outdoor Advertising

In sign making lettering curved surfaces are major involved so for this vinyls, should have a higher resistance to durability with external pressure.for grabbing these qualities High Performance (HP) 700 Calendared Opaque or High Gloss Films will be used here.

Directional Signage - Outdoor Advertising

In this signage making, the translucent appearance with medium curves is involved. As these are purposely used for outdoor marketing so it should retain higher durability to external pressure to offer longer lifespan. To fulfill all these qualities and purposes  Premium (PR) 800 Translucent Films will be preferred here.

Vehicle Graphics - Indoor and Outdoor Advertising - Wayfinding Signage

For the making of indoor graphics and vehicle graphics different 3D shapes and curves are involved in holding these purpose use that vinyl film that should have the quality to uphold long-term durability. To gain all these benefits we will recommend you to use Superfast (SC) 900 Series Films instead of any other vinyl film.

Major vinyl film producer

Here is three major vinyl film producer in the industry. We will recommend you that one which will be best-suited according to the need for your application type.

1. Oracle

2. Avery Dennison

3. 3M


Find your desired color with customization

Each product line has a range of color options from there you can choose your dream color or we will choose a best-suited color for your application type. Furthermore, you can request us custom colors, with our color matching system you can explore the limits of heaven. We can turn you imagined color into reality with our PMS Pantone matching system.


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