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Vestibules NYC - Restaurant Entrance Enclosures to Protect from Wind and Cold

New York and New Jersey are known for their harsher weather. As a business that wants to treat its customers as best it can, you’ll want to have tools at your disposal that can help protect your customers during heavy periods of wind, cold, rain, and more. You can do that with our custom vestibules here at Signs NY – a great way to offer a service to customers while also branding your business.

What Are Vestibules For?

Vestibules are a type of enclosure that stops cold air from coming inside your business. It’s most often used as a restaurant enclosure, but can be a wind stopper for nearly any industry including:

  • Coffee Shops
  • Clothing Retailers
  • Sidewalk Cafes
  • Fast Food and More

Vestibules provide protection from cold, air, and rain. They can be made with windows so that people can see outside, but they also provide privacy, so diners and customers won’t feel as though they’re being looked at. Custom vestibules can also be branded with your logo and sign information so that you can continue to market your company and grab the attention of those passing by.

Vestibules are also useful because they lower your heating bill, so over time these signs will help pay for themselves. They are also durable and designed to help withstand the elements, with sliding materials that are able to maintain the structural integrity that you need with this type of protection.

Custom Vestibule Design in NY and NJ

At Signs NY, we create custom vestibules and wind stoppers for all types of businesses. Great for protecting you and your customers from the cold, these are the highest quality vestibules out there, and great in places with a lot of foot traffic, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. If it’s within a reasonable distance anywhere around the East Coast, our sign manufacturers are the best choice to create your perfect new vestibule.

Our goal is to create the perfect vestibule for your business, whether you’re protecting a door, protecting your customers, or simply keeping each area of your business more private. If you would like to learn more about our custom vestibule options, or any of our awnings, canopies, or other signs, contact Signs NY today at (718)453-8300. We’re happy to provide you with a free estimate, fast turnaround, and the highest quality signs available today.


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Signs NY


Signs NY is really professional and best in their business. They have create a billboard for my company!. I also used to order my signs requirements by Signs NY.Always done great job. quicl service always friendly talk and very professional.


Gm kalif Gm kalif

Gm kalif
5 out of 5


Signs NY was the most responsive and professional that we contacted for signs in the NYC area. They made this process as easy as possible since we are located in Tampa, FL. The end product looks great and exactly what we wanted. The only complaint is that the job took longer than expected, about a month from start to finish, when we were looking to get it done in about 2 weeks. I think the majority of the delay was the fact that we were located remotely. Thank you guys for the great work and we would definitely recommend this company to others.


Mosh Posh Mosh Posh

Mosh Posh
4 out of 5


I used Signs New York for our Fit Shop by the Flatiron on East 22nd. GREAT service and very professional team. Always very great to work with the team on our store window decals. Recommend to anyone. Thanks guys!


Javi Sanchez Javi Sanchez

Javi Sanchez
5 out of 5