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HPD Building Signs Q & A

HPD has an online registration system, available here that allows you to register your property as an HPD property. 

The HPD requires several different types of signage in your property. Not all signs require a sign company – some are notifications that you’ll receive from HPD, for example – but some of the signs will require (or benefit from) a professional NYC sign printing company. Here are several:

       Your certificate of inspection

       Your notices for both carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

       A sign with the information about the person with the keys to the boiler room.

       A sign with the serial number of the property.

       A sign with the Janitor’s name and address.

       A sign with the housing information guide notice.

       A sign with the garbage collection information.

       A sign with disaster information.

       Signs that point to the fire extinguisher.

       “NO Smoking” signs, where applicable.


Keep in mind that these are just the HPD sign requirements. There may also be signs mandated by the DOB, such as emergency exit signs or ADA signs. We can help you determine what signs you need, but we do recommend you also consider calling HPD and the DOB to see if you’re missing anything. 

You can receive an inspection card from an HPD inspector. However, if you have not yet had an inspection, you can contact the HPD to see if they can send you a card themselves. 

If you do not have the required signs for your HPD property, you may receive a violation. If the violation does not get addressed, you may be responsible for fees. Some of the fees include a $250 fine for missing the “Housing Information Guide” sign, and additional fines between $10 to $50 each for every violation you accrue. 

The primary reason a boiler room sign is important is because it is part of the HPD inspections. With a boiler room sign, you are required to share the name and location of the person with the key to the locked boiler room. Failure to do so means that the inspector (or anyone in the event of an emergency) cannot access the boiler room, and doesn’t know who to contact to gain access. Thus, it is critical that you have a sign that shows who has the boiler room key.


It is also a good idea to consider a sign to label the boiler room, and a sign to direct people to the boiler room as needed. 

It is recommended that you choose at least 2 boiler room signs – one at the front door or near the mailboxes, and the other next to the boiler room itself. 

Section 26-1103 of Local Law 45 requires that HPD properties have the Housing Information Guide sign for tenants posted in an easy to access place on the property – usually by the front door or near the mailboxes. The guide is also referred to as the “ABCs of Housing.”


The guide itself does not need to be posted. Rather, a sign – ideally made with quality materials – needs to be made out of this document: The document tells all tenants how to access the guide in both English and Spanish. 

The Housing Information Guide sign is one of the first things inspectors look for if/when they access your property. Failure to place the sign in the proper location could result in fines of up to $250. 

Your serial number sign should be placed right at the entrance of the building. 

It is a good idea to order signs of your own, as you will need to verify that the signs of the previous owner are compliant with HPD. You are responsible for the signs on your property, and so if the previous owner did not have the proper signage, you would be the one that got fined. 

Some signs are expected to be able to be easily located – right by the mailboxes, or by the entranceway if there are no mailboxes on site. These include, but are not necessarily limited to:

       Inspection Card

       Notices for Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide

       Boiler Room Sign

       Building Registration Number

       Housing Information Guide Sign

       Disaster Response Sign

       Superintendent/Janitor Information Sign


There may be other signs required by the DOB, so check to be sure that you have all the appropriate signage for your property. 

It is not necessarily required to have a no-smoking sign. However, according to the 2002 Smoke Free Air Act, smoking is not allowed in any communal areas on residential properties. As a result, you may want to strongly consider a No Smoking sign in the lobby. 

HPD does require that there is at least one person that the inspector (and tenants) can contact if something goes wrong on the property. While you may not have someone that does the work full time, there should be someone that can be called in the event of a problem on the property. That person’s name and phone number should be listed. 

If the sign asks for the owner’s name then the owner’s name needs to be on the notice. If the owner is an organization, the organization’s name can be on instead. 

Depending on the HPD sign, it may be possible to make the sign out of different materials. Indeed, the inspection notice may even be paper. However, many signs require specific materials, including metal, vinyl decal, or plastic material. Similarly, it is also highly recommended that you consider creating the signs out of a more durable material, even when not required. This helps you avoid vandalism, and ensures that the sign will last for years to come. 

Every sign will have its own requirements. The carbon monoxide notices, for example, must be in a typeface that is easy to read (not smaller than 3/16th of an inch), with bold type to draw attention to the eye and with good contrast. If the signs or notices are not easily read, you may be in violation. 

You can order HPD Signs directly from Signs NY. We carry nearly every HPD sign, and can create custom signs for your needs.

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