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General Signage Q & A

We are a full service sign company, which means that if it looks like a sign or resembles a sign in any way, we can create it. We do road signs, yard signs, lighted signs, sign lettering, vehicle wraps, floor signs, billboard signs, wall plaques, digital signs, branding awnings, and so much more. If it is designed to send a message, brand your business, attract customers, market a product or service, or simply create a memorable look to an event, chances are we can create it.

When you work with hundreds of different types of signs, you make sure that dozens of different types of materials are available. A short list of some of the materials we use include several types of meta, wood (including carved wood), foam board, numerous types of vinyl, Coroplast, plastic, acrylic, and more. For those looking for a more detailed list of our sign materials, please visit our sign materials page or contact us for more information.

We can create signs as small as a postage stamp or as large as an 18 wheel truck. There are some limitations to certain materials, but otherwise there are ample customization options to choose from for both small scale, large format, and even custom shape printing.

Vehicle signs are some of our favorite signs to create here at Signs NY. They are more than simply a sticker on a car or truck – although we do offer custom decals and vehicle magnets. What we have that is truly special is the ability to create vehicle wraps, which are full color signs that stick to and go around the vehicle. Contact us for more information about these signs.

Absolutely. We have numerous custom sign options available. We can create custom shapes, use custom colors, adapt custom lighting, use materials in a unique way – the only limitations are science and your imagination. If it is possible to create it, we’ll make sure to do so. Let us know your idea and we’ll let you know how we can make it into a reality.

Yes, absolutely. Not only do we use the highest quality materials – we also have trained sign graphic designers that can create a sign for you, as well as a team that can answer any questions you have and provide consultation as you need it.

Yes. We offer sign installation services for most of New York, New Jersey, and parts of Pennsylvania. We also offer sign restoration and repair services, if something should happen to your sign now or in the future.

When you purchase a sign from us, we’re happy to let you know how you can best maintain it. For those that have signs that are simply too difficult to reach, such as lighted box signs, Pylon signs, billboard signs, and other larger or high up signage, we do offer sign maintenance services in our local tristate area to keep them fully operational.

If you have never created a sign before and want to learn more about how to develop an incredible sign that will maximize impact, we’re happy to provide sign consultation and talk to you about your needs and how we can assist you.

Not at all. We work with people planning weddings that are looking for decorative signs, as well as local government divisions, and even simply families that want a fun sign to decorate their home. Our affordable prices make us the best choice for anyone looking for a sign.

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