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Digital Signage Q & A

Technology has changed a great deal, and signs no longer need to be printed. Instead, many companies are using digital signs. These are signs that are displayed on a TV, wall, or other surface using digital technology. The “signs” are pictures on a screen, and they can change like a slideshow, move, or remain static.

Digital signs are a fascinating way to advertise a company or service. Screens, by their very nature, allow for incredible color. The signs are visible night and day, and they give you a chance to change up your sign easily when you need to.

The main difference between a digital sign and a television or other form of advertisement is in intention. When designing a sign, the goal is to maximize space, get noticed, and be able to make an impression in moments. While television commercials are generally 30 second spots with volume and attention on screen, digital signs are placed in various locations in and around a business, and need to capture attention and make an impression in moments. This requires very careful design, and knowledge of the digital signage world.

In order to display a digital sign, you need to have some type of hardware to display the media (a monitor or otherwise), a media player, and the sign/ad that you plan to display on the signs.

Digital signs can be used for any purpose – the same reasons that you may use any type of sign. But the most common uses for digital signs includes real estate ads, menus, full color sale displays, logos and front of store branding, hotel signs, and much more.

Because digital signs depend on monitors like LCD TVs, they will need to be placed in areas of the property that are away from water. They should not be used outdoors, either. But if you can find a placement for these types of signs, they immediately become valuable and can be attracting or impressing potential business.

This is the most common question we receive about digital signage but unfortunately it is just too difficult to answer. Digital signage prices vary according to features, size, type of sign, upkeep – there is simply too much to consider. But we promise that digital signage is often more affordable than you think, and we are happy to give you an estimate based on our prices.

We work with every component for digital signage for our clients. We are happy to design the signs that you plan to use on your digital signage hardware platform, and can possibly help you set up your digital signage in some select areas.

We do offer digital signage repair services in select cases, depending on the cause and extent of the damage. Please contact us if you have any digital signage issues.

Yes, all software updates come free. You may need access to the internet to download and install digital signage updates.

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