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Custom Signage Q & A

This a complicated question, because it is possible for custom signs to be made with almost any image. But it is highly recommended that your image is in the exact size that you plan to print it. This helps us as a printing company, but perhaps more importantly it ensures that you know exactly how your image will print without pixilation or blurring that comes from extending an image.

We can create a sign in nearly any size or shape imaginable. The only limitations have to do with the material, which may not be ideal for certain forms of printing. If you have a wild or unique custom sign request, contact us and we’ll let you know if we can make it happen.

Yes. We have sign graphic designers that can create any sign that you need, and provide recommendations based on type of sign, message you’re trying to share, and more. Our graphic designers are affordable and ready to handle any custom sign in house.

We have over a dozen different custom sign materials available, including acrylic, aluminum, carved wood, coroplast, plastic, foam board, magnetic, vinyl, and more. You can see a complete list of the sign materials we have available here:

We provide sign installation services throughout NY, NJ, and some parts of PA. We have a cherry picker available for hard to reach signs, and the expertise necessary to make sure that each sign is correctly installed no matter how large or small. If you are outside of our sign installation service area, we will either let you know how to install it or see if we can connect you to an installation team.

Yes, we have color matching services available if you have a specific color you’re looking for.

If you are using our design services, it is best to send any image you plan you provide as a high resolution vector file, usually in .eps format, although .ai and other types of high resolution images may be acceptable. JPG, GIF, and other common file types may look high quality, but are less likely to appear detailed when printed. As always, if you need help, contact our staff.

Sign durability is a common question we’re asked at Signs NY, and durability is affected by whether the sign will be indoors or outdoors. If you plan to place your sign outdoors, you may need specific materials, and possibly lamination or other alterations. We have a list of different durability options at our Sign Materials page, as well as information about what works best for indoor and outdoor use.

Every sign is different, and complexity of a custom sign can make it more difficult to print. That said, most of our orders take roughly one week to complete, and we have quick turnaround options available that can help us get our custom signs to you for

Besides your imagination? Only the limitations of science. We have created custom neon signs, custom banners, custom billboards, custom truck lettering, custom vehicle signs, and even unique signs like custom floor signs – all of which in shapes and sizes that are tailored to the material they are placed on. If you have a unique request, all you have to do is talk to us, and we’ll find out what we need to do to see your sign idea into a reality.

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