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Contractor Signs Q & A

There are many legal requirements for construction sites, and signs are one of them. Every construction site will need fence signage, notifications, danger warnings, and more. These signs need to be created, often for every project, to comply with legal guidelines.

We are a full service sign company, so there is no limit to the number of signs we can create. We also are one of the leading contractor sign companies, with experience creating content for contractors across NY, NJ, and more. We create danger/warning signs, road closure signs, scaffolding signs, job site signs, hard hat signs, work in progress signs, and much more. Contact us for a complete list.

In most cases, yes. We have created thousands of NYC contractor signs in the past and are familiar with local laws and regulations.

You are required to have a sign that has a rendering of the building exterior, information on what the project is for (Commercial, Residential, etc.), the contact information of the owner of the property, the contact information of the general contractor, and specific language and phrases on each sign, such as the number to call to report unsafe conditions.

Scaffolding signs are signs and banners that are specifically made to hang on the scaffolding used at construction sites. These include warning signs, marketing signs, logo signs, and more.

In New York, No Smoking Signs need to have the internationally recognized symbol of no-smoking, which is a burnt cigarette in a circle with a bar across it diagonally, along with the words “No Smoking.” In New Jersey, additional information may need to be listed, such as “violators are subject to fine.” We have created No Smoking signs for most of the country and can help make sure your sign is legally valid.

Due to the importance of these job site signs, there may be some requirements that you’ll need to match if you want to make sure that your sign is both durable and visible. It will be easier to answer this question if you email us your sign requirements. We are happy to provide feedback.

Yes, we have graphic designers on staff that can assist you with custom sign designs and make sure that your construction sign is in accordance with all local laws.

Of course. We are a full service sign company. If you also want signs to market your business and services, display your logo, and more, we can provide you with that work as well.

Yes. We can help you with your contractor signs in any state, and we have fast shipping options for those that need a sign quickly. Please contact us with the signs you need and we’ll get started right away.

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