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Art Work Guidelines: What is the Best Way to Print Quality Artwork

Signs NY is the number one choice in sign printing in NYC, and throughout much of the East Coast. We are here to help you create and print signs, custom artwork, banners, and more, all with the level of quality that you are looking for in a printing company.

For those that have questions or need help, our team is more than happy to assist you with your design creation. We also have designers on staff available to make sure that your project is completed correctly. But for those that are completing the designs in-house, the following are the art work guidelines that we need to make sure the project is printed properly.

File Instructions for Submitted Artwork

The following are our printing requirements for all prints:

  • Size - Design should be 100% of the size of the final print, with a few exceptions: At 300 DPI, the print can be 50% of the size of the final design. The higher the DPI, the better quality the print. This is necessary to avoid issues with pixilation and detail loss.
  • Accepted File Types – We accept many different file types, including PDF, EPS, AI, TIF, JPEG, and PSD. We strongly recommend .eps, .ai, and .pdf, with all layers flattened.
  • Fonts – All fonts and typefaces should be converted to outlines or images. If this is not possible, please let us know and provide us with the font so that we can ensure the right print.
  • Color Mode – We use Pantone Matching System (PMS) and will print in CMYK. If you did not create your work in PMS/CMYK, please let us know.

Additional Recommendations that Help to Ensure a Quality Print:

  • We do not require a bleed. We will add the proper bleed area ourselves. However, it is recommended that you have roughly 1¼” of a safety area on banners to ensure that any hemming does not affect the final design.

  • If printing in .jpg format, it is highly recommended that you consider saving the file with the highest quality settings. .jpg is one of the least reliable printing file formats.

  • We recommend using the following software applications to design your prints: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, and Adobe InDesign. Other software, including free software like Paint.Net, may be acceptable, but only if it is saved in the proper file format and not necessarily for certain types of prints.

For more information about any of our requirements, please feel free and call us today.